Flowing Wells School District

Flowing Wells School District is located at 1556 W. Prince Rd. There are 10 schools in the district and it has a total of 6,000 students. The district’s budget is approximately $40,000. Their money comes from state funding, local taxes, federal grants, state grants, and local funds.

Here is a map of the district.

Flowing Wells School District has approximately 625 employees.

The superintendent is Dr. Nicholas Clement. His yearly salary starts at about $100,000. Dr. Clement took this position in 2004.

Dr. Clement says “our educational philosophy includes consistent curriculum, aligned with the state standards from grade to grade. We recognize that education is a life-long pursuit and the right introduction can establish a love for learning that they will carry with them into productive adulthood.”

There are also five members of the governing school board. They serve their positions for four years and elections are held in November. The members of the school board are elected volunteers, so they do not get paid. The next elections will take place November 2008.

The school board consists of:

President Kevin Daily, a software engineer

Board Clerk, Gerald Long, a safety business owner

Jeretta Douglas, a beauty shop owner and cosmetologist

Tom Jacobs, a contractor

James A. Love, a respiratory therapist

According to school statistics from the superintendent, 90 percent of current high school seniors in the district have passed the AIMS test.

There have also been two prominent issues for the school board in the past two years. The first one is enrollment decline. Enrollment is currently down because of so many charter and private schools that are now being privately funded. Parents are beginning to want more options and some have even resorted to home schooling. The other issue has been staff salaries. It’s been difficult to pay the staff a lot of money because of everything else the district needs to pay for like extra curricular activities.


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