Pima County Justice Courts

The Pima County Justice Courts handle civil and criminal cases for Pima County.

There are a total of eight judges that serve the Pima County Justice Court:

The Judges of The Pima County Justice Courts

Back Row (Left to Right): Judge Jim Green (Retired), Judge Maria Felix, Associate Presiding Judge Jack Peyton, Judge Paul Simon
Front Row (Left to Right): Presiding Judge James Angiulo, Judge Susan Bacal, Judge Carmen Dolny, Judge José Luis Castillo


The current judges are James Aguilo, Jose Luis Castillo, Carmen Dolny, Paul Simon, Susan Bacal, Jack Peyton, Keith Bee and Maria Felix. The court rooms are located at 115 N. Church Ave., and small claims are located at 110 S. Church Ave., La Placita Plaza. The judges are elected official by the public and are elected every five years. There are only three qualifications needed to become a justice court judge:

1. That you are 18 years of age or older

2. You speak English

3. U.S. citizen

The position of judges can be held indefinitely and one may re-run for this position as many times as they see fit. The salary for a just court judge is $45.76 an hour.


The eight judges serve as the presiding judge, the associate presiding judge, court administrator, deputy administrator, two case managers, supervisors and court staff.


In the year 2007 the courts handled a total 33,080 criminal cases. The breakdown was 11,146 DUI cases, 20,824 traffic cases, and 1,110 miscellaneous cases. Not included in these numbers were the 54,697 criminal misdemeanor cases handled in 2007.

For civil cases the courts saw 10,667 small claims cases, 14,644 civil, and 4,033 cases for $2500 and up totaling 29,344 civil cases in 2007. These figures represent and average 231 cases a day for the year 2007.


The general funds budget $6,819,890.00, and comes from Pima counties general funds

Services fees $427,000

Grant for domestic violence$120,321 from Gov. Janet Napolitano’s office

Total for 2008: $7,439,211


Judge Anguilo resigns due to ill health


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